She Quit Being an ICU Nurse to Make Six Figures
  • Nursing is always where I saw myself,” explains Allie Rae.
  • Getting there was the hard part. She inked up for the Navy at 17, serving as a yeoman who supported the captains and penned awards literature anytime someone entered a order. At 18, she married her hubby, and they had two children right down. Rae — who is using her stage name — decided to leave the Navy in 2006, following Hurricane Katrina. She ’d been posted in New Orleans during the disaster, and witnessing the desolation and loss of life firsthand had taken its risk. Following a brief stint in marketing, she enrolled in nursing academy, ultimately landing in the labor and delivery unit of a top sanitarium in Massachusetts.
  • And she soon realized that she had a gift for helping people.
“I started off in labor and delivery, which is where I always wanted to be,” says Allie Rae. “Also I started to realize that anytime commodity went wrong with a baby I was incredibly nervous, so I made myself shadow in the NICU (neonatal ferocious care unit) in order to get past my fear and ended up falling in love with it. I can say with pure confidence that I was a fantastic NICU nanny.”
  • Rae worked 14-hour days in the neonatal ferocious care unit, which she describes as “trying on my body” and “emotionally draining.” But she loved her work. To blow off brume — and entertain herself — Rae began posting revealing shots of herself on Instagram and The Chive, under the alias “Allie Rae.”
In December 2020, after nearly nine times on the job, six nurses in her unit stumbled across some of her prints online and reported them to their master.
  • “They informed my director about that and I was called into the office about their social media policy,” shares Rae. “It got uncomfortable, where I felt people were concentrating further on my performance outside of the sanitarium versus my performance in the sanitarium.”
  • Given that she was using an alias, was not relating where she worked, and was not posting anything too risqué, Rae was let off with awarning.Three months latterly, in March 2021, the nosy nurses plant Rae’s Only Fans.
  • “They subscribed and paid to my Only Fans account to screenshot it and bring it to my director,” recalls Rae. “It was like Mean Girls for grown-ups.”
“They got the director involved and it was, ‘you need to get relieve of this account or we ca not have you working then. ‘That really bothered me,” Rae admits.
  • So she quit.
“The smirch against people in the coitus- work assiduity and Only Fans ran a really good nanny out of the sanitarium,” says Rae. “ I did not indeed need the plutocrat — I was making further plutocrat on Only Fans than I was as a nanny and was only doing it because I loved it — but formerly I came ‘the girl who does Only Fans, ‘it tore me piecemeal.”