Dennis Sytin: I’m not behind my own brother’s murder

BUSINESSMAN Dennis Sytin has denied before the Department of Justice (DOJ) allegations that he masterminded the killing of his businessman-brother Dominic Sytin at the Subic Bay Freeport on November 8, 2018.

In his counter-affidavit submitted to the DOJ during its preliminary investigation on the murder and frustrated complaint filed by Dominic’s wife, Ann Marietta, and the Olongapo City police, Dennis sought the immediate dismissal of the case against him saying that witness Edgardo Luib, the self-confessed gunman, failed to provide clear and positive identification of the alleged mastermind.

“I am not capable of murder. I have no derogatory record. I had no participation or involvement in the murder of my brother, Dominic. I have never met Luib. I did not socialize with Oliver outside work,” Dennis claimed. Dennis Sytin

“I am being used as a scapegoat while those who are truly responsible for the crime are free and seemingly no longer the subject of investigation — this despite the statement of PNP Chief [Oscar] Albayalde that he still ‘does not consider the case closed,” Dennis said in a statement.

“Therefore, the charge against me that I masterminded his death is a great injustice to me, my wife and children and to my slain brother Dominic and our mother. My full cooperation in the investigation and favorable polygraph test results are proof positive that I do not have a guilty conscience and that I am with my whole family in seeking justice for the death of my brother Dominic” he added.

“I will immediately file a petition for review with the office of the Secretary of Justice to reverse the DOJ’s wrong and baseless resolution. I am determined to immediately set aside the false and baseless charges against me as it is my right and the right of the clearly innocent to be free from the trouble, expense, and anxiety of a protracted trial” he stated.